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Join 100+ TeaPals from 20+ countries to explore the world of specialty tea through our monthly boxes at MyTeaPal Club, integrated with our mobile app.

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How it works

  • 1. Subscribe
    Choose your plan and start your tea journey with us
  • 2. Receive
    Get a themed box delivered filled with specialty teas
  • 3. Experience
    Brew, taste, and learn about the teas with our community

What's included

  • 5-8 premium specialty teas curated around a monthly theme, in total 50-80 grams
  • Tea booklet with tea information and brewing instructions
  • Exclusive virtual gatherings and discussions on our app and communities
  • Free shipping directly from China
  • Get $10 off and free teawares (New Member Only)
MyTeaPal Club (July 2022)

Meet Our Founder/Curator

Originally from Chengdu, China, Vincent Liu has been an avid tea drinker since 2016 and had founded a tea club and a tea association before developing the MyTeaPal App

After living in the US for seven years and graduating from Duke University, he returned China to source premium quality teas.

Now he travels around China to study all kinds teas, their processing techniques, and their culture.

Through MyTeaPal Club, he hopes to share his new findings with more tea enthusiasts, as well as connecting the global tea community.

Vincent Liu Making Tea

What People Say

Reviews from our global tea community 

  • "The MyTeaPal Club is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. It is the only tea club that fully integrates your monthly teas with an app and community. This makes it SO easy to brew and log your teas as you try them and share notes with all your friends, as well as make new ones! Plus, the teas are top notch and often include very unique or hard to source varieties."

    📍Chicago, USA. Noah Adams
  • "Enjoying the tea boxes alongside having an app to record all your tasting notes and discuss among the communiTEA makes MyTeaPal Club my favorite tea club. Vincent’s enthusiasm for sharing tea and tea culture is really impressive, and he has been working on this project with a hugeee effort that encourages me a lot on my tea journey. All the teas from the club are carefully sourced and amazingly unique."

    📍Hội An, Vietnam. Thao Huynh
  • "Being able to enjoy tea with tea friends online and sharing our personal experiences makes MyTeaPal Club the most unique club boxes that I’ve ever tried. The integration of the MyTeaPal App gives me the opportunity to share my notes and pictures, plus the added new feature of connecting with other club members is just amazing. I’m already curious which teas Vincent got for the next few months."

    📍Vienna, Austria. Pascal Djpas

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