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    We directly connect with top-notch tea producers so that no middleman is involved, thanks to Vincent's networks.

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    We stay open-minded to trying all kinds of tea varieties and learning new things about them to expand our knowledge.

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    Every tea we feature in our club is carefully selected from multiple different options and grades.

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August 2024: Raw Pu-erh (Sheng Pu'er)

In January, we explored the nuances of big arbor tree Raw Pu-erh (Sheng Pu’er) teas from different vintages. Due to the popularity of these selections, we are excited to introduce more raw pu-erh teas this August.

These four teas are all harvested from ancient trees (Gu Shu) over a hundred years old in the lush, ecological mountains of southern Yunnan. You will embark on a sensory journey with these teas, which represent a mix of young and aged from all three major pu-erh producing regions: two from Lincang, one from Pu’er, and one from Xishuangbanna. Each tea offers a unique flavor profile representing its distinct terroir.

Upcoming theme: Wuyi Rock Tea. Registration will open on 12AM PDT, August 16th, 2024.
Future themes: Shaanxi Tea, Shou Pu-erh, Southern Fujian Oolong, Hainan Tea, Black Tea, etc.

MyTeaPal Club (August 2024)

Past Themes (2024)

  • 2024.7 front

    Aged White Tea

    Our third dedicated exploration of white tea, featuring four exceptional teas aged between 5 to 10 years. For ease of brewing, we have carefully chosen compressed white teas in the shapes of dragon balls, chocolate bars, biscuits, and mini-cakes.

  • 2024.6 front

    Phoenix Dancong

    We selected the two most popular Dancong aromas, Mi Lan Xiang (Honey Orchid Aroma) and Ya Shi Xiang (Duck Shit Aroma), and two rarer varieties: Gong Xiang (Tribute Aroma), part of the most prestigious Huang Zhi Xiang (Gardenia Aroma) family, and You Hua Xiang (Pomelo Blossom Aroma), a unique selection outside of the major ten aromas.

  • May 2024 Club Teas

    Fresh Green Teas

    A carefully curated selection of green teas from four provinces: Anhui, Zhejiang, Sichuan, and Guizhou. Harvested between March and early April, during the pre-Qingming season, each tea represents the pinnacle of early spring flush.

  • 2024.4 front

    Tibetan Dark Teas

    Tibetan tea, known as 藏茶 (Zang Cha) and formerly called 南路边茶 (Nan Lu Bian Cha), traces its origins back over 1300 years to the Tang Dynasty and holds indispensable significance in Tibetan life and culture.

  • March 2024 Club Teas

    Keemun Black Teas

    A collection of four Qimen black teas: a traditional Keemun Gongfu, a Qi Hong Mao Feng, and two delightful variations of Qi Hong featuring the fragrant notes of osmanthus and chloranthus (Zhu Lan) flowers.

  • February 2024 Club Teas

    Winter Oolong Teas

    A collection of four Winter Oolongs including one dancong tea and three rock teas. These exceptional teas defy expectations, providing a departure from the familiar spring varieties you may have encountered in the past.

  • January 2024 Club Teas

    Sheng Puerh Vintage Comparison

    4 sheng puerh from the same product series with their difference being the vintage: 2012, 2014, 2018, and 2020. Produced in Bulangs Mountains of Menghai County, they're aged in Chengdu since creation.

Past Themes (2023)

  • December 2023 Club Teas

    Southern Fujian Oolongs

    4 famous oolong teas from the southern part of Fujian province. They are from diverse regions: Anxi, Yongchun, Zhangping, and Pinghe.

  • November 2023 Club Teas

    Hunan Teas

    After featuring two dark teas and a yellow tea from Hunan, we continued our exploration of renowned Hunan teas, including two green teas and two black teas.

  • October 2023 Club Teas

    Yellow Tea

    Yellow tea ("Huang Cha" 黄茶), one of China's six major tea types, remains a hidden treasure. Our selection of four yellow teas comes from Sichuan, Hunan, Anhui, and Zhejiang provinces.

  • 2023.9 front

    Dark Tea (Hei Cha)

    Dark tea is a unique category of fermented teas. We selected 4 famous dark teas from Guangxi, Hunan, and Anhui provinces.

  • August 2023 Club Teas

    Aged White Tea

    We selected four aged white teas that are 7 years or older from Fuding of Fujian province, China's white tea production center.

  • July 2023 Club Teas

    Yunnan Black Tea

    4 black tea from 3 regions of Yunnan province, each from a different cultivar. There are one Shai Hong and three traditional Dian Hong teas.

  • 2023.6 front

    Wuyi Rock Tea

    5 Zheng Yan (lit. original rock) rock oolong teas from core producing regions within the Wuyishan National Park area.

  • May 2023 Club Teas

    Fresh Green Tea

    5 Chinese green teas from five provinces, produced between late February and early April.

  • April 2023 Club Teas

    Artisanal Indian Tea

    4 artisanal Indian teas from Lochan Tea, including a high mountain Darjeeling first flush tea and three hand-crafted organic teas from Doke Tea Estate.

  • March 2023 Club Teas

    Phoenix Dancong Tea

    4 Phoenix Dancong teas from Guangdong province, including a Ya Shi Xiang, Mi Lan Xiang, a winter harvest Da Wu Ye, and a red/black tea.

  • 2023.2 front

    Yunnan White Tea

    4 white teas from Yunnan province, including a gushu white, yabao white, a Wuliangshan white, and an organic Fo Xiang white.

  • January 2023 Club Teas

    Aged Sheng Puerh

    4 different aged sheng puerh from Menghai, Lincang, and Yiwu, stored at different locations.

Past Themes (2022)

  • 2022.12 front

    Hubei Teas

    4 famous teas from Hubei province. Enshi Yulu, Yi Hong, Qing Zhuan dark tea, and Mi Zhuan black tea.

  • Dec 2022 Club

    Anxi Oolong

    4 oolong teas from Anxi county of Fujian province, half of which are from the spring harvest and the other half from the autumn harvest.

  • October 2022 Club Teas

    Shou Puerh

    5 different shou puerh teas from Menghai and Lincang, including a gushu tea fermented in small-batch.

  • September 2022 Club Teas

    Naturally Scented Teas

    We featured 5 different types of teas naturally scented with 3 kinds of flowers: osmanthus, gardenia, and jasmine.

  • 2022.8 front

    Fuding White Tea

    We featured 4 teas from Fuding, the origin and center of China's white tea production. Silver needle, white peony, shou mei, and aged shou mei.

  • July Club teas

    Fujianese Black Tea

    We featured 3 teas from Tongmu village, 1 Gongfu black tea, and 2 black teas produced in Sichuan and Guizhou using Fujianese tea cultivars.

  • 2022.6

    Wuyi Rock Oolong

    After hosting about a dozen virtual tours of Wuyishan with Wuyi Star, we curated a rock oolong sampler featuring 8 premium teas.

  • June Club Teas

    Gushu Sheng Puerh

    Vincent curated 5 Gushu Sheng Puerh from his trip to Yunnan province. All the tea trees where these teas come from are around 200 years or older.

  • April Club Teas

    Fresh Chinese Green Teas

    Spring is when the best fresh green teas come out. We featured 7 pre-QingMing green teas from 5 provinces, 2 of which were limited-time gifts.

  • March Club Teas

    Sichuan Black Teas

    Black tea production in Sichuan started in mid last century, and since then won numerous international awards in the world of tea.

  • February Club Teas

    Ya'an Tibetan Teas

    A type of fermented Dark Tea produced in Ya'an city, Tibetan tea has a continuous history of more than 1300 years and is an indispensable part of Tibetan people's daily lives.

  • January Club Teas

    Meng Ding Green Teas

    Mt. Mengding is said to have the earliest written record of tea growing and has a history of producing tribute tea for emperors. Mend Ding Gan Lu (Sweet Dew) is often considered one of the top 10 famous Chinese teas.

What People Say

Reviews from our global tea community 

  • "The MyTeaPal Club is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. It is the only tea club that fully integrates your monthly teas with an app and community. This makes it SO easy to brew and log your teas as you try them and share notes with all your friends, as well as make new ones! Plus, the teas are top notch and often include very unique or hard to source varieties."

    📍Chicago, IL. Noah Adams
  • "Enjoying the tea boxes alongside having an app to record all your tasting notes and discuss among the communiTEA makes MyTeaPal Club my favorite tea club. Vincent’s enthusiasm for sharing tea and tea culture is really impressive, and he has been working on this project with a hugeee effort that encourages me a lot on my tea journey. All the teas from the club are carefully sourced and amazingly unique."

    📍Hội An, Vietnam. Thao Huynh
  • “We have been enjoying Gong Fu Cha for about 20 years. Often the tea we purchased from "western facing vendors" was either disappointing or boring. The teas Vincent has selected for the club have been consistently excellent. Combined with the MyTeaPal App, the videos, the tastings and the knowledgeable international membership I could not be more pleased.“

    📍Gainesville, FL. Steven K
  • "Being able to enjoy tea with tea friends online and sharing our personal experiences makes MyTeaPal Club the most unique club boxes that I’ve ever tried. The integration of the MyTeaPal App gives me the opportunity to share my notes and pictures, plus the added new feature of connecting with other club members is just amazing. I’m already curious which teas Vincent got for the next few months."

    📍Vienna, Austria. Pascal Djpas
  • "After I started using the MyTeaPal app, I realized I actually stepped into an amazing community of like-minded and kind-hearted souls who meet from around the world weekly and share their love for tea. Within the MyTeaPal Club, not only are the teas fresh and directly sourced from MyTeaPal creator Vincent's recent travels, but they are also curated with an interesting and educational focus that keeps us excited to taste and learn more! Its been such a great community and experience!"

    📍SF area, CA. Jenn W.
  • "I have learned so much about Chinese teas since joining the MyTeaPal Club.

    Region by region the subscription allows me to explore the teas together with a great community of TeaPals from all over the world. I very much look forward to continuing that journey."

    📍Frankfurt, Germany. Stefan Bresslauer
  • "MyTeaPal was an instant Gong Fu Cha game-changer for me! Being new to Chinese teas, I wanted to find a resource for expert advice on which teas to drink and a group of people with whom I could share my tea journey. With a curator like Vincent and regular virtual tea sessions with other members from around the world, I found both and much more with MyTeaPal! From a cost/benefit perspective, the club has far exceeded my expectations and I give it my highest recommendation."

    📍Boston, MA. Séamus Ó.

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