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Our Producers

After taking multiple trips within Sichuan, China, our founder Vincent carefully tasted a few dozens of teas and selected 17 teas from these 4 different producers.

  • Sichuan Luck Tea Co.
    Dark Tea

    Previously Ya'an City Tea Factory, it is one of the nine companies eligible to produce and sell Ya'an Tibetan tea to Tibet.

    Their president Mei Shuhua is recognized in the sixth batch of national level tea-making masters for Ya'an Tibetan Tea.

  • Chuan Hong Group
    Black Tea

    Located in Yibin, Chuan Hong Group has been producing and exporting tea for a few decades.

    Their president Sun Hong is recognized in the sixth batch of national level tea-making masters for Chuan Hong Gong Fu black tea.

  • Tea Culture Research Institute of Wu Lizhen
    Green/Black Tea

    A non-profit org founded by Master Zeng Zhidong in honor of the first recorded tea grower Wu Lizhen.

    Zeng has been in the tea industry for over two decades and is renown for spreading tea culture about Mengding Mountain and its teas.

  • Yun He Shan
    Green/Black/Dark Tea

    Overseen by Master Yang Shaohuai, author of three books on Tea Horse Road (one of them is adapted to a TV show), their tea production is led by Master Wang Rongping, a province level tea-making master and national 1st level tea connoisseur.

Our Teas

All of these teas are the highest quality Vincent found that can represent the characteristics of each tea style, many of which are not available at any price outside of China.

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MyTeaPal Club (Feb 2022)

Our February 2022 club features Ya'an Tibetan tea from Sichuan.