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All-in-one Tea App

  • Journal
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  • Connect
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  • Brew
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  • Organize
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  • Organize

    Organize all your teas, teawares, vendors, ingredients, and brew logs in just one place

  • Brew

    Brew tea with mindfulness and precision for each infusion using our timer or stopwatch

  • Log

    Log your tasting notes and brew statistics by infusion to create your personal tea journal

  • Connect

    Connect with your tea friends, share tasting notes, and build your tea community.

  • What People Say

    Verified reviews from App Store and Google Play

    • "This app deserves more than 5 stars, truly an A+. This is for sure the most well developed app for both newcomers to tea and aficionados. It has everything you could want, and surprisingly more. I've been in the tea industry for over ten years and this app provides so many options for cataloging, palate training, inventory maintenance, and even the basic timing features are solid and charming. Again, excellent job all around. Thank you!"

      Kenneth, Founder @
    • "I love this tea app! It does everything I want it to do and more. I've wanted a convenient way to keep notes on the teas I have tasted and be able to easily find them again and this is it. I didn't think I would want to add photos of my teas until I started using this app, and now I really love having that feature. I have taken notes on 122 teas so far and it's great to look back to refresh my memory of different teas and to learn how I might improve my brewing techniques. This is truly the best app ever!"

      Cindy, Tea Enthusiast & First Beta User
    • "Having used various tea logging and brewing apps, I can safely say that this is the best I've tried. It allows you to catalogue all of your teas and teaware as well as log individual tea sessions, with space for notes for each infusion, combining the functionality of a tea journal, with the convenience of a stopwatch and timer. This app is definitely designed for tea enthusiasts of various backgrounds as it has features specific to different styles of tea drinking from gong fu to herbal blending."

      David, College Student & Tea Enthusiast
    • "Incredible app that allows users to track their tea drinking habits and experiences. I really appreciate the ease of use and simplicity of the app, allowing the user to focus on the experience of drinking tea without major distractions from the phone (even though you’re using it to track!). The pre-input tasting flavors are awesome since it can help jog a memory but the ability to add in your own content makes the app perfectly customizable!"

      Smote, Tea Enthusiast in Raleigh, NC
    • "I've been using this app for a few weeks now and so far I've really enjoyed using it! It's everything a tea lover, tea teacher, tea enthusiast could want in one app. I do a lot of tasting sessions for reviews on my blog and having one space that holds them all down to all the very fine details has been so helpful. The randomiser tool had really helped me to make the most of things in my stats that I probably would have overlooked had it not picked them and I continue to use it everyday."

      Kimberley, Blogger @
    • "Easy to use, beautiful, and versatile with several unexpected features (the randomizer is a fun one). I use it mainly to keep track of new teas I've bought and ones I'd like to get again, but you can also create a journal of brews and tasting notes. While there are a lot of logging options, they don't overwhelm and the user interface is comfortable for those who just want the basics. The developer pays close attention to detail and is very open to community feedback."

      Alethea, Tea Enthusiast from CA


    Free. No ads. Available on iOS & Android.

    • Personalize Collections

      Add custom images and detailed info for teas and teawares

    • Tea Encyclopedia

      Explore and learn about different styles and link with your teas

    • Timer and Stopwatch

      Follow a preset time or simply brew with intuition

    • Quantity Tracker

      Catalogue inventory and auto-subtract as you drink

    • Share

      Send information about teas, teawares, or logs to your friends

    • Daily Reminder

      Enable daily notifications to form a mindful tea drinking routine

    • Data Syncing

      Securely save all your data and images across devices and platforms

    • Multiple Units

      Volume: ml/fl oz
      Temperature: ˚C/˚F
      Weight: g/tsp/bag/ball

    • Visualize Stats

      See your logs in a calendar and teas in a pie chart

    • Flavor Dictionary

      Choose from 100+ tags or add your own

    • Tea Rating

      Rank and sort your teas on a 5-point scale (half stars included!)

    • Tea Randomizer

      Having trouble picking what to drink? Let our randomizer help

    About the App

    As a tea enthusiast for more than six years, I always wished there were a way to record my tea journey, including all the teas I tasted, teawares I collected, brewing methods I used, and feelings I sensed.

    I then found that tea journaling was the best way to do this, but after trying a few paperback tea journals and other tea apps, I was disappointed. None of them felt right to me.

    I wanted to create an all-in-one tea app that made it easy for tea drinkers to catalogue their teas and teawares, find their favorite ways of brewing, record their thoughts, and share with their tea friends.

    So I created MyTeaPal. I hope through this app, we can all become more mindful about what teas we have tasted, how we brewed them, and how they made us feel. Wishing you the best with your tea journey! 🍵

    - Vincent, Founder of MyTeaPal

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